Synchrovit C

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Antioxidant formulas alone only neutralize 20% of free radicals. Whether it is vitamin C, CE ferulic combinations, alpha-lipoic acid or whichever. Free radicals are chemicals produced in the skin from all bodily functions and reactions and on exposure to sun, smoking, alcohol, and exercise. The number one free radical; and most powerful is the Superoxide free radical which cannot be neutralized by antioxidants.

SkinMed combine vitamin C (10% ascorbic acid) and super oxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that forces superoxide to immediately convert to a weaker free radical that vitamin C can neutralize, Both SOD and ascorbic acids are boosted by adding in Zinc to the serum. This serum is only activated when you want to use it, so you activate each of the six bottles in the pack as you finish the previous one. The key active ingredients are kept in a unique vacuum sealed capsule in the bottles for maximum activity. So now you can target 100% of your free radicals to slow down skin damage, aging of the skin, improve elasticity and firmness, resist the formation of age spots, plaques, and thread veins and reduce flushing episodes.

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